Monday, May 27, 2013

Thank you

I would like to take this time to thank all those brave souls who have served in the military, thank you for sacrificing your lives to protect the rest of us, to serve your country and make it proud. I also want to thank all the families of the military, for their support and love towards our soldiers.

In almost every family nowadays there is a soldier, a hero. In my family we have my Dad♥

 photo 9E84DA0E-55DE-47AC-BD03-6D6FEB3B0446-2355-000002712F3208B7_zpsdd6666ae.jpg

My Dad was a Navy man, my family and I were lucky that we didn't have to relocate or anything like that, but I do remember not seeing my Dad sometimes during the weekends or sometimes for a week or two. If he had to go somewhere close by we would all go and stay on base, it was very boring for most of the time but I was glad to spend time with my family.

 photo 8FDB439C-D143-4771-9640-4A6A49A29396-2355-0000027136E131B4_zpse26bda96.jpg

 photo F4FFCF12-1812-4092-9488-94377846AB05-2355-000002711FA47D50_zpsabf413f7.jpg

As I am writing this post I have realized that I truly do not know much about my Dad's navy career, other than a few stories here and there. So I will make it my mission to ask more and know more about it and him. It would be a shame not to know about my Father, and the interesting life I am sure he had.

 photo 3409FBA7-2A68-4021-A4BD-071863BD9600-2355-00000271195B6B5D_zps869cc3a2.jpg

 photo EC300BC7-F962-493B-8170-CDCFFBD229CB-2355-00000271287BBA89_zps477d4d90.jpg

I love you Dad! Thank you for your services.

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