Thursday, May 31, 2012

Don't just taste the rainbow, be the rainbow!

At work I have encountered a lot of women who have the same problem as my mom, they like to stick to darker colors. My mom adores black and brown so most of her outfits consists of those two colors,I have been trying really hard to get her to branch out and after a loooooong time I finally got her to give in and try something new. I am proud to say that she now wears bright colors that look so much more better on her than those dull colors that she preferred.

                                   DARE TO BE BRIGHT!
    Ever heard of mood rings? Different colors represent our moods! Crazy, huh? After doing a little research I came across this great article by  in it it lists what each color represents, I found this information very useful! Not only will I share it with my customers but I will also take it into consideration everytime I dress!

    Red, Maroon, and Pink
    *Red is fierce, red is confident.
    *Maroons are beautiful for the evening, easy on the eyes and gorgeous with every hair color.
    *Pink is the essential girl color, pink is joy, pink is warmth and tenderness.

    Orange and Yellow
    *Orange has something energetic, enthusiastic and playful about it.
    *Yellow has an innate happiness about it. Like the glint of gold, yellow is a beacon for optimism.
    *Blue resonates with a calm, collected intelligence.
           Purple, Blue, and Green

    *Purple is unique and silently hyperactive.
    *Blue resonates with a calm, collected intelligence.
    *Well, you know what they say about green. Geniuses pick green as their favorite color.
    So there you have it folks! Next time you are deciding on what to wear remember what each color represents and pick a color that will represent your mood :) So check out the right side of my blog to see simple ways to add some color into your life!
    (To read the full article please click  here)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

O-M-G! What a week

First of all I just want to thank you! (yes you) Thank you for reading this post and for checking out my blog! It has been 9 days since my first post and I've had some amazing feedback, and I hope it continues to stay that way. I just want to remind you to leave me some love and comment on my blog posts, and don't forget to subscribe :)
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With that said I just want share with you some pictures of my week!
top left- Flowers my boyfriend bought me for our 1 year anniversary///top middle: me typing my first post///top left: El Paso sunset, went to visit my parents///bottom left: horsies! at my family's farm///puppy love! Getting kisses from my dog Nahla///ending the week with some delicious Chick' fil-a

Once again thank you! And please share my blog with your friends.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I LOVE my job!... Do you?

I work at a retail store, and I have a lot of customers coming in and asking for my help, sometimes they ask simple questions like "where can i find the top that mannequin is wearing?" or " do you have this in a medium"? but for the most part I have people asking me for fashion advice "what do you think would look good with this skirt?" or my favorite question of all "Can you help me pick out some cute outfits?" O-M-G that is the best thing anyone at work can ask me because I just go crazy!
Helping my customers pick out outfits is pretty much like when I was little and I used to play with my barbies and dressed them up. It was so much fun back them but it's soooo much more fun right now! I have a much bigger selection of clothes, shoes and jewelry to choose from PLUS my "dolls" are life size now :)

So where am I getting at with this? Make sure that what you are doing is something that you love doing, after all  “If you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” So just ask yourself, “What am I good at that I enjoy doing?” and then go do it. For some, it’s writing, drawing, or even solving math problems (yeah, I know weird but it's true) As for myself I know that I am really good at helping others.

Why ask yourself that question? well because according to an article posted by "Loving what you do also makes you much more committed to your career. You won’t neglect it because you don’t mind getting up to go to work every day....When you love the career you have, you’ll be a much healthier person. You won’t suffer from the dread of working every day but will, instead, approach it enthusiastically.... You’ll be amazed of the impact loving what you do will have on your life." (To read the full article please click here )

After reading this I hope you all stop for a second and think about what you are doing with your life, do you enjoy doing what you do at work? Are you happy with the career path you have chosen? If the answer is no or if you don't even know just think about what you think is not working for you, what changes you think you can/should make and go for it. After all we only live once, and I'm sure you don't want to spend your life at a place where you are not happy or doing something you don't enjoy. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just say "me'

Whether you are single or in a relationship, a mother, a student, or, well just to make it short: regardless of your lifestyle make sure that you are having some "me" time.

I like to think of "Me" time as a period of time where I can do whatever I want! It can be for a couple of hours or a whole day, regardless I always look forward to it! Don't get me wrong I LOVE spending time with my boyfriend, family and friends but hey sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

"Me" time can consist of any activity you enjoy doing, it can be something as simple as reading a book to going in a "mini-getaway." We all have busy lives and lots to do, so why not make some time for yourself? After all you deserve it :)

                             What's my favorite way of spending some me time? 

Well, now that it's almost summer I like to tan in my backyard while reading a book. It's relaxing, I get to forget what's going on at work, at school and my life and I just get lost in my book. So try it out, schedule some "Me" time next time you feel stressed, overworked, or simply just because.

Post some comments or tweet me and share with me how you are spending your "Me" time! I look forward to hearing from you all :)

Hope you had a great weekend

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

New ways to keep my with my blog!

Hey guys! I have some great news! I have created a Twitter account and a Facebook page for my blog!

Also I have already talked to a couple of you about my blog, please please please SHARE IT with your friends, the more people are subscribed to my page the more I can do with this blog!To subscribe to my blog just look at the right hand side bar and hit “join this site” a pop up window will then open and ask you to pick 1 of 3 accounts you may have, your choices are GMAIL, TWITTER or YAHOO! If you don't have one you can always create one! I really appreciate you guys having an interest on my page, and I hope you ALL are involved with this blog, post comments, send me emails ( just go to the "Contact" tab) let me know what you think, any questions you may have, any advice you would like me to give to you, any upcoming events you might know of, or any topics you would like me to discuss!

 Have a great saturday!

All that hassle for that tassel

First of all I want to congratulate all of those who have already graduated this spring or will be in a couple of days or weeks! All of your hard work has finally paid off!

For those who just graduated or are about to graduate from:

High school: Congrats! you've made it! You are done with high school and off to college, time for some new adventures! Going to college will bring a lot of changes into your life, you will no longer go to school with the same people who you pretty much you grew up with. No longer will you have to see  your frenemy making a move on your crush. Nope! All that is behind you, and what lays ahead of you is a chance to make new friends, find a new guy and hey maybe reinvent yourself! I mean why not? Your new friends don't have to know about all of your faux paus! So enjoy your summer and keep on checking back on my blog! I will be posting different topics related to what to do this summer and how to prepare for college :)

College: By being a college student I know how tough college is, so I salute you my friends! After all those all-nighters, writing all those boring essays (yuck!) projects and all those billions of things teachers think we have the time to do you finally made it! Now you are either going to Grad school or are entering the working field, Regardless of the path that you take I want to wish you good luck! And not to worry, I will also be posting topics related about your new life, such as tips on how to ace an interview, how to dress for an interview, and much much more!

So remember to keep on checking my blog and to share it with all of your friends! And once again CONGRATULATIONS! *WHOOP WHOOP*


Friday, May 18, 2012

First blog entry

Welcome to my blog!
This marks a milestone for me... It's my first ever blog! I want to do a lot of things in life, but the one I really enjoy doing the most is helping people. I want to help others, answer their questions  and be their friend. I want my readers to get to know me and for me to know them, so I encourage each of my followers to be really involved with this blog. Share your thoughts and opinions and send  any questions you have my way and I will be happy to answer them! After all, there is no blog without you :)

This blog will be about anything and everything! It will be about everyday life, make up, fashion, love, pets, movies, books, you name it. Each day I will talk about a different topic, and since this is my first blog I will be trying on different ideas. This is why I want you all to be involved to let me know how I am doing and to see what my readers like and don't like. So please share my page with your girlfriends, and even your guy friends! I'm sure they will like to see things from a girls perspective. You can use my button to share my page! I will be making a Facebook account and a Twitter account for my blog soon.

That is all I have to say for now, until next time!