Saturday, May 19, 2012

New ways to keep my with my blog!

Hey guys! I have some great news! I have created a Twitter account and a Facebook page for my blog!

Also I have already talked to a couple of you about my blog, please please please SHARE IT with your friends, the more people are subscribed to my page the more I can do with this blog!To subscribe to my blog just look at the right hand side bar and hit “join this site” a pop up window will then open and ask you to pick 1 of 3 accounts you may have, your choices are GMAIL, TWITTER or YAHOO! If you don't have one you can always create one! I really appreciate you guys having an interest on my page, and I hope you ALL are involved with this blog, post comments, send me emails ( just go to the "Contact" tab) let me know what you think, any questions you may have, any advice you would like me to give to you, any upcoming events you might know of, or any topics you would like me to discuss!

 Have a great saturday!

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