Saturday, May 19, 2012

All that hassle for that tassel

First of all I want to congratulate all of those who have already graduated this spring or will be in a couple of days or weeks! All of your hard work has finally paid off!

For those who just graduated or are about to graduate from:

High school: Congrats! you've made it! You are done with high school and off to college, time for some new adventures! Going to college will bring a lot of changes into your life, you will no longer go to school with the same people who you pretty much you grew up with. No longer will you have to see  your frenemy making a move on your crush. Nope! All that is behind you, and what lays ahead of you is a chance to make new friends, find a new guy and hey maybe reinvent yourself! I mean why not? Your new friends don't have to know about all of your faux paus! So enjoy your summer and keep on checking back on my blog! I will be posting different topics related to what to do this summer and how to prepare for college :)

College: By being a college student I know how tough college is, so I salute you my friends! After all those all-nighters, writing all those boring essays (yuck!) projects and all those billions of things teachers think we have the time to do you finally made it! Now you are either going to Grad school or are entering the working field, Regardless of the path that you take I want to wish you good luck! And not to worry, I will also be posting topics related about your new life, such as tips on how to ace an interview, how to dress for an interview, and much much more!

So remember to keep on checking my blog and to share it with all of your friends! And once again CONGRATULATIONS! *WHOOP WHOOP*


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