Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Social #41

Well what an eventful day today was! Had some family over for our first BBQ at the apartment, and even after all the stressing out, cleaning and preparing the food everything went well! I honestly feel like a grown up now. Hope every one is having a good Sunday like me :)

What is your best summer memory as a kid?

 photo 3C72FA49-F217-435D-9BB5-9DB159D4206E-949-00000131A9085B04_zps29dcf8e5.jpg

When I was 6 my whole family (on my Dad's side) we went to Puerto Penasco in Mexico. It was the BEST summer of my CHILDHOOD.  The reason being is because this trip was the first one that I ever took, not only that it was the first time I ever laid my eyes on the ocean. I think that was also the first time I feel in love, the smell of the ocean, the way the sand felt underneath my toes, the warmth of the sun on my skin, I love it all.

What is your favorite summer drink?

I love my anything fruity, but now that I am of age I prefer something fruity but with alcohol :)
My favorite is a mango margarita! Yum!
 What is your favorite summer TV show?

Which ever one I can find on Netflix. That's actually how the boyfriend and I got into:

What is the best outdoor summer activity?


Oh you mean aside from tanning?

Mmm that's a hard one, haha no just kidding, I love doing as much as I can outdoors. I love riding my bike, running, hiking, I love it all!!
What are your summer vacation essentials?

Well given the fact that I have not been on an actual vacation in probably 3 years (yes, very sad I know) I am no expert. BUT this is what I always used to take:

1. suim suit (because there is always a pool in the hotel)
2. something dressy (so you can have more options when going out to eat)
3. an extra outfit (just in case)
4. your phone charger (duh)
5. I always take my own pillow (that's just me)

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