Saturday, May 25, 2013

H&S Redemption ?

Back in January Influester sent me the "Head and Shoulders VoxBox" which I was not too happy about, then I was contacted by Kim from Head and shoulders. She asked me why I didn't like the product and after a couple of emails she asked for my address to send me some other Head and Shoulder products that she thought I might like. After a couple of weeks I completely forgot about it until I received a package.

 photo 32b716ae-d258-44fb-aa73-e8d3529ddc41_zps76a2520d.jpg

 I thought it was from a giveaway I had won during the same time but to my surprise it was from Kim. And let me tell you, I was totally shocked that she didn't send one, or two, but THREE products and not only that but they were also FULL size!!! So I was very happy about that. Here is what she sent me:

 photo AC567763-A7AB-4A3A-82FB-2FF57007D9E3-5049-000004001B258767_zpsbecce803.jpg
Head and Shoulders Shampoo and Conditioner  Head and shoulders two in one classic clean

Like I have said before I REALLY dislike products that are 'two in one' they just don't work for me so of course I gave that one to my boyfriend and I kept the other two. Here is what we have to say about the products:

 photo 41FD7DEF-8845-4773-9013-F666B834F1F1-5049-00000400432B2160_zpsded7e7fb.jpg
Head and Shoulders two in one classic clean:

My boyfriend REALLY liked it. He said the product made his hair soft and shiny. He is not into 'fruity' hair products so he appreciate it the lack of smell. He also liked the fact that once the two in one is running low you can just have it standing on the lid and it won't fall.

 photo 5274DE9F-278A-462A-981D-DAE64E0D6993-5049-00000400388D8816_zps80e3f00a.jpg
Head and Shoulders Shampoo and Conditioner classic clean.

I liked this product a lot better than the other one, just after the first try I felt my hair smoother and it actually did feel clean (no residue, no anything) which I really loved. It also did leave my hair shiny AND there were a lot of less knots on my hair. But just like with the previous product I received from Head and Shoulders I had to use a little bit more conditioner to get the work done. So I finished the conditioner way before the shampoo. I am a little picky with conditioner so it might just be me.

But overall I am a  lot more happier with this product than the last one. So I might give Head and Shoulders' products another try.

Thank you Kim for sending me these!


  1. My husband uses head and shoulders shampoo, but just steals my conditioner when he needs it.

  2. Very good review! I like Head and shoulders...Sometimes you just need it! :)
    I was wondering if you would like to join another group giveaway like the last time. You get 1 link of choice just for hosting. This time no downloads for the Apps. They just want people to know about it. Let me know,
    Here more about the giveaway:

    Isabelle Thornton

  3. Head and Shoulders is old school but you cant deny that it works! haha

    Check out my beauty blog:

  4. It's nice that they cared! I'm amazed at how some companies really don't seem to care about customer service! I find head and shoulders doesn't really work for me, it actually makes my dandruff much worse, which is weird.
    Thanks for sharing your experience!

  5. I also dislike the 2 in 1 stuff. But I did enjoy the stuff that I got in the VoxBox. Glad you liked this stuff better.