Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Hey guys! Today I am introducing you to Beth, owner of 'A simple kind of love' an Etsy shop where you can can find all sorts of goodies! From jewelery to home decor to date jars, Beth shows that she is a very creative person and I am so glad to have her on my sidebar this month!

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

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"Hi!  I'm Beth, a full time Accounts Payable Coordinator by day and a homemaker by night and weekend! :)  I've been married to my best friend for almost 2 years now, and we make our home in the BIG city.  See, I was raised on a farm, and any city over 10,000 is big to me.

I began my shop when I had been unemployed for 6 months.  We needed some extra income, because I didn't have a job in sight.  Just a few weeks after I opened, I got a full time position.  I decided to keep my shop, because it's a creative outlet for me...a stress reliever.

When I'm not creating, I love reading, being outdoors, and cheering on my St. Louis Cardinals!!"

Where can we find you?

 How did you come up with your shop’s name?

"I knew that my shop name needed to have the word ""love"" in it somewhere.  After reading the Bible verses Matthew 22:37-38, I knew that love was simple.  God spells in out to us.  Love Him and Love Others.  ""A Simple Kind of Love"" just kind of stuck! :)

I do have a blog as well, and it got its name from Proverbs 31, ""Becoming a Virtuous Woman.""

Anything special going on with your shop?

Also, be on the lookout in the next couple of weeks for an Insta-sale on instagram, with never-before seen products! I want to give my followers the chance to snatch them up first! :)  

What kind of posts do you write on your blog?

I write about my life...things I'm doing, things I'm creating, life in general.  I have lots of recipes and am working on a few DIY posts!  Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself!

What items are you lusting over?

I'm a sucker for handmade goods.  I'm currently loving any type of banner or garland that I can decorate my mantle with.  I'm loving prints that I can hang around my home, and I'm also loving decorative pillow cases for my couch!

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  1. This is so so great! I love discovering people....always something interesting to learn!