Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Palmolive Fresh Infusions [Voxbox}

I received my Palmolive voxbox about a month and a half ago, and let me tell you I was REALLY impressed by it! First of all I received not one, not two but THREE bottles, and not only that but they were FULL sized.  And I also received some coupons.

 photo 1155aed6-59d7-44de-9b3f-db8224403adc_zpsdefce63f.jpg

When I first opened the box the first thing I thought was "how am I going to review this.?" I mean I am going to be honest with you I am, I am a college student. I buy whatever soap is on sale or just the cheapest, AND I just started "caring" about dish soaps not too long ago. So for this review I figured I would bring in an expert...

My Mom :)

 photo 2009_0628camera120045-1.jpg

 Here is what she had to say:

  • "Prove el nuevo jabon liquido para trastez PALMOLIVE INFUSIONS LIMA BASIL y PALMOLIVE FRESH INFUSIONS LEMON THYME, y me encanto su fragancia, y lo que rinden, deja los trastes limpios y sin ningun olor desagradable, en verdad los recomiendo son buenisimos. Ah comparacion del jabon que eh usado por tanto tiempo AJAX LIQUIDO OLOR A LIMON, este erinde mucho mas uso menos jabon para lavaer los trastes y no irrita mi piel, mis manos se sientes suaves definitavamente PALMOLIVE INFUSION sera mi nuevo jabon liquido de ahora en adelante la calidad es ecxelente y su olor es muy agradable"

     photo 0DBB8A99-0410-43AB-9F36-C7696C8F7B8C-1426-0000016487AC11E7_zpsbdf9596c.jpg
    Did any of you get that? Maybe a couple of you did but I'll just go ahead and translate it for ya'll :)

    "I tried the new liquid dish soap PALMOLIVE INFUSIONS: Lime basil and PALMOLOVE INFUSIONS: Lemon thyme, and I REALLY liked the way they smelled and how much they lasted. In comparison to other soaps that I have used for a very long time, like AJAX (lime) liquid soap.  I use less soap to wash the dishes and it doesn't irritate my skin, my hands feel soft after using it. PALMOLIVE INFUSION definitely will be my new liquid dish soap from now on. The quality is excellent and the smell is wonderful."

     photo 84CE7D24-4B7B-4B8D-BE9B-B0DCA09E189B-1426-0000016472659D2A_zps903f9184.jpg

I gotta say that I agree with my Mom, I can really tell the differences between the soaps that I have used and this one. Of course this one has a much MUCH better quality and it really does last a long time and smells wonderful!

Have you tried PALMOLIVE INFUSIONS yet? If so what do you think of it?


  1. i have. i enjoyed the scents. cute mom. have a great week. ( :

  2. I'm the same way as a college student. My mom was all bent up over the fact that I eat Walmart brand cereal haha. I'm like, I am a poor college student! Cocoa Puffs just aren't in the budget! ;)

  3. Haha thanks mommy booklet!! :D

    They look amazing, love the packaging and thats sold me, how sad is that?! haha x

  4. I always ask my mum opinions lolxx

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