Thursday, November 29, 2012

Guest Post [Lanaya]

Today Lanaya from Raising Reagan is taking over my blog! In case you guys don't remember I introduced Lanaya back in early October (you can read that post here) So now I am just going to sit back, relax and let her do her thing. Take it away girl!

Hey there Girl Booklet fans!

It's me, Lanaya, author of Raising Reagan, again! Jessica asked me to stop in and say hello and let you know what was going on in the world of a stay at home mother, business owner and peppermint tea addict. It's true. I am addicted to peppermint tea and now my daughter Reagan wants it all the time too. Seriously, I am creating a monster.

So right now I am gearing up for the holiday shopping frenzy! This will be the first holiday season since I started my business. I started Reagan's Toy Chest, 
an online, educational toys for toddler store, so that I could offer something different and unique to parents for their children. It seemed to me that so much attention was being placed on video games and TV and interaction was being lost. So I set out on a mission to change that and bring imaginative and active play back into the home. I focused on finding the best educational games, toys and unique gifts and offering a one stop shop for all of them!

I love Christmas. It is by far my favorite holiday. I love Christmas lights, Christmas food, Christmas music, Christmas trees, Christmas parties, Christmas food .. oh wait, I said that one already didn't I? I won't lie. This mama loves food and that is one of the reasons I will never be super model thin again! Food is way too important, and delicious! I will say that I am glad I am a runner now and don't quite freak out when the pants get a little snug. It's the holidays, indulge a little right?

It's also the first Christmas that I think Reagan will actually love and enjoy. She turned two back in September and she is so much older than at Christmas last year, if that makes any sense. She is keen on her surroundings and has her own little personality that comes out. Christmas is going to be an absolute blast this year with her. I can't even wait for this weekend to get the holiday decorations out and make this house look like Christmas threw up all over it.

Can you imagine this face on Christmas morning?
So that's really it. I am working away selling my educational toys for toddlers and children and raising my very precocious two year old Reagan! She's a handful of attitude, just like her mama and I love her with all my heart. I am thankful for her everyday even though some days I get truly scared of what her teenage years are to bring! But I know she's mine and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Thank you Jessica for letting me hang out on your blog today and as a thanks I am giving away something awesome from Reagan's Toy Chest to one of your readers!! Everybody likes free stuff, especially around the holidays! Pajaggle is a fun, exciting brain teaser and makes a great gift! Check out this video. Please consider doing your shopping for any little ones in your life at Reagan's Toy Chest! You will love the selection of unique gifts that I have compiled for you.

Happy Holidays, now run along ... and get shopping!

Thank you Lanaya for hanging out on the blog! And here is a special treat for YOU! Lanaya is givinng away a "Pajaggle Game Board" from her Shop! Just remember that ALL entries are checked! Other than that GOOD LUCK!!

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  1. Thanks for letting me hang out on your blog today Jessica!


  2. Josie's not quite old enough, but I want one of those toy kitchens. :-P

  3. I would have to say I am completely in love with the 18 key mini grand lol!!

  4. Hi,
    I believe in my country are that kind of toys more usual (and I have never seen so much electronic toddler toys as I did the moment I entered an american playgroup meeting *g). I know all the toys you offer in you sweet shop and like them all. Thanks for your Christmas Post and this great give-away-opportunity,
    I too enjoy this season

  5. My Reese would love all of the pastel cooking sets, especially the coffee and tea!!

  6. It looks like Schroeder's! The 18 Key Mini Grand is my fav.