Monday, November 12, 2012

Little J

I feel that since I already introduced Dan (which you can read about here) I should keep it in the family, so this week I am introducing you to his little sister Jenny Humphrey, better known as Little J.

Meet Jenny:

Only 14, Jenny Humphrey is the youngest of the Gossip Girl characters. Jenny is the younger sister of Dan Hymphrey (Lonely Boy). She's an aspiring social climber, and while she physically resembles Serena van der Woodsen, she often tries to fit in with the rich-girl clique of Blair Waldorf at her school, even though she doesn't hold a place in their social world, being from (relatively) middle-class Brooklyn. Young and insecure but spunky and driven to get what she wants, "Little J" often goes to wild and embarrassing lengths to set up an image for herself, which causes much consternation for her brother Dan and father Rufus (Matthew Settle).-via

Jen's style:

If anyone's style has changed, it has been Jenny's. But of course it is understandable, I mean how many of us knew our style at 14? Heck! How many of us REALLY know our style right now? Mine has changed throughout the years and it continues to change, Ok enough about me, let's get back to Jenny. 

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When GG first introduced Jenny, her style was very preppy, very 'I want to be just like Blair Waldorf and be able to fit in" style, but as time passed her style changed. She went from preppy to.....

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                                    To whatever this is. But let's see the "in between" looks.

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Jenny's quotes:

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  1. I love Taylor Momsen, shes great in Gossip Girl!
    And I love her style!