Wednesday, July 24, 2013


So I received some positive feed back from my last Fashion Faux Pas:Mommy's edition that I decided to create another one. This time I am writing about something a little bit more familiar to me, I have witnessed these terrible fashion sins and let me tell you, they are NOT pretty! I have gone to 3 different schools in the last 5 years, I have met countless students from all over the world and I have seen different styles of fashion, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. So I am here to share with you the five fashion DONT'S for students! This applies specially to all college students!

Fashion Faux Pas #1: Wearing PJ's to class


Like, I get it. They are extremely comfortable and when you have an 8am class all you wanna do is sleep until the last possible minute, but that does mean going to school still wearing your PJs? No it doesn't! I have only worn my PJ's to school ONCE, that was during 'Senior Week' when I was in high school, and although I was showing my school spirit I have regretted ever since. I mean my teachers are always telling me to network and make connections with other students because we are all going to be joining the workforce pretty soon and we do not know where we might end up, we could end up as co workers or maybe a classmate could end up being my boss. And while I would like to be THEIR boss instead nothing is guaranteed. So when I go to a job interview or submit my resume I do not want to be remembered as the girl who wore pajamas to school. That's just not professional!

Fashion Faux Pas #2: Wearing Short Shorts


Believe it or not I have seen a couple of girls wearing these shorts, not only at school but also around the mall. You know what kind of message this type of clothing makes? Only one: That you are easy! I honestly do not care if you have the best looking butt and legs and can pull them off, I do not want to feel like I am at hooters, because otherwise I would be expecting you to bring me wings and a nice cold margarita.

Fashion Faux Pas #3: Wearing Uggs with shorts

Are you you hot or are you cold? Because certainly you can't be both! So do us all a favor and pick one and stick to it.

Fashion Faux Pas #4: Wearing high heels


Unless you are like the ladies from UT, who came with this concept to raise awareness for their relay for life event please do not wear high heels to class. I love high heels do no t get me wrong, but there is a place and time for them and college is not one of them. College campuses are BIG so it is most likely that you might have to walk a couple of miles to get to and from your classes, so just imagine how that is going to affect your feet. So unless you have a presentation for a class or an important meeting please keep those high heels back in your room. Trust me, your feet will thank me.

Fashion Faux Pas #5: Anything from your high school times

I understand that you worked hard for your letterman jacket, and that it comes in really handy during the winter, but guess what? You are not in high school anymore! So go out and buy yourself a hoodie from your college, c'mon! Show your (current) school spirit. Also wearing your high school stuff just makes it seem like you haven't moved on from that time in your life, YOU ARE IN COLLEGE NOW! You are about to experience a lot of crazy, fun, life changing things, leave high school in the past and embrace your present and your future.


  1. I am almost as long out of college as I was in college, but I totally agree with all of these! I guess some things never change since I think these were a problem long before I was in college and will be problems long after! I hate the pajama bottom in public! The heels made me laugh. Just a few years out of school I wear heels almost everyday, but yes in college you just look out of place.

    Great roundup!

    Julia @
    It's Always Ruetten

  2. Haha! I wore PJs occasionally in High School-but back then it was an actual fad/thing. I can't imagine ever going out in public in PJ pants or Sweats, I just don't do it (unless I'm headed to the gym). It's not too much effort to just put on Jeans or a skirt or something lol.

    I can't imagine trying to get around campus in hills, but if some girl can-I guess more power to their craziness haha. And yeah, most shortie shorts are skanky lol

  3. Great post! There are many things I wore as a school kid that I wouldn't think of wearing now.

    Popped over from the I Love My Post blog hop

  4. I'm also a co-host of the "I Love My Post" blog hop this week & I wanted to make sure that I was following the other co-hosts. Turns out that I was not following you until now! I'm your newest GFC follower & this is my blog - when you get a chance please follow back!

  5. #5 OMG. I am still using a lot of clothes from high school! I am so ashamed! Time to buy new ones.

  6. This made me chuckle. Things have moved on since we were at uni - I never saw any of these crimes. Mind you, I went to a uni where it was in the northwest of England - wet, windy and chilly most of the year, oh and in the Lake District - Heartland of hiking. Not much chance of people wearing heels!

  7. When we took my son to freshman orientation they told us that most kids wear their pj's to early morning classes. I agree with all of the items myself.

    Following you from the I Love My Post Blog Hop!

  8. I completely agree with all of these! I'm going to be in college this year so I'll probably see people in these outfits a lot:)

    I'm catching up on my favorite blogs today--you're always one of my faves to read!
    Shelby xoxo

  9. This was hilarious! I hate PJs to school or uggs and shorts!