Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fireworks, a big celebration and a baby shower.

I am so exhausted! I had a very hectic [long] weekend, but FULL of fun and memories! It all started with Independence day, my boyfriend's sister was in town so he spent the whole weekend with her. Which was fine by me because I got to spend it with MY family, and sometimes he can be a party pooper so I didn't have to deal with that.

Thursday: 4th of July

I spent the whole day with my momma. We went shopping and we relaxed at home, when it was time to go and watch the fireworks she was too tired to go so I went on my own.

You can't hear it, but I was blasting "fireworks" by Katy Perry. It only felt right :)

Friday: July 5th

I had a long day at work, sooooo I busted this baby out.

Saturday: July 6th

 photo F4366BF3-A321-45D0-BB99-17CF7AF43394-1027-0000011CDEFC2F0E_zpsdd75a57b.jpg

We celebrated my Grandma's (my Dad's mom) 90th birthday! She is the one on the right and her sister is the  one on the left.

 photo C7D7A15B-A6D7-48C6-9344-CA9010C9EE4C-1088-00000123D002B891_zps84a335c9.jpg

It was a big and special celebration so of course I had to get a new outfit! I LOVE this dress, it's so light and  flowy :)

 photo 1451E0B5-188D-47C7-8705-9DE34B1E3327-1027-0000011D1AC74D40_zpsce0a62ec.jpg\

I enjoyed shopping for our outfits and spending quality time with my Momma. 

Saturday was an awesome day, I got to see some family member's from out of town and I got to spend time with my cousins and dance the night away!

Sunday July 8h:

Attended my coworker's baby shower! We are all excited for her!! CANNOT wait to meet baby Cali!

 photo FE72B6A5-EAB3-4434-9F2E-3264E25E5E39-1027-0000011D20B80872_zps34f06bb5.jpg

When I went shopping for her present I just could NOT decide on what to get her! Everything was just so DAMN cute!! I finally decided on a 3 set of onesies and some booties and a headband! This baby girl is gonna be stylish :)

 photo 0C221204-9E55-44E0-A0BD-34FD0BDA8E1C-1027-0000011D2C29F0CC_zpscd75c2d8.jpg

And of course ended the weekend with some delicious pink lemonade cake! 

How was YOUR weekend?

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  1. Cute outfits! Love the red and white striped tank and that dress you got!