Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Beauty [guest post] & a giveaway

It has been such a long time that I've had someone do a guest post, so I am glad Christine decided to do one. Plus it was perfect timing because today I will be cheering on for my Spurs! Those of you who have not been keeping up with the NBA finals, let me full you in. If the San Antonio Spurs win against Miami Heat then the Spurs will take home the championship trophy!  Anyways before I keep on boring you all with basquetball stuff here is Christine! Take it away girl

Hey everyone! My name is Christine and I blog over at Life With A Side Of Coffee. I am a twenty something recent college grad just starting out in her career and documenting all my 
embarrassing moments and adventures. I'm a coffee and music addict, self-proclaimed vino and Hollywood obsessed. Jessica is letting me take over for a bit so I'm going to switch gears and talk about summer beauty. I'm going to share with you guys my top five favorite trends right now and how I would wear them. Ready, set, go...

1. Nail Designs
So apparently just a good ol' painted nail isn't good anymore. You have to have a design on at least one finger to be in with the cool kids. Here are some designs I just love but if you are like me and completely awful in the nail department, I love just having one finger on each hand with a little sparkle. You know? The classic, let's just run over all these nails and then put some glitter on the ring finger? Yeah, I feel that does the trick if you're in a rush or just really bad at nail art.
All images from this Pinterest Board (link)
2. The New and Improved Smoky Eye
Color is so in right now it isn't even funny. I mean, for those of you who experienced the 80s, it must be a serious case of deja vu. Now I am a huge fan of the original smokey eye that no matter how hard you scrub at the end of the night, you still wake up with two black eyes. I'm also a huge fan of the brown smokey eye for day. It's my go to pretty much every day. Now I am much more adept when it comes to makeup compared to nail art so I might actually give a few of these ago. I happen to be pretty good at a purple smokey eye if I may say so myself. I'm actually wearing it in the selfie up top. I love the ideas but some I won't try. I mean,   I know what colors look good on me and which don't. A girl can dream though right??
All images from this Pinterest Board (link)
3. Flower Children
I have to say, this is probably my favorite trend this year. Hair accessories are so big right now, even if it's just a few flowers in your hair. I am obsessed with flower halos and flower pins. I have a headband with flowers, flowers to put over bobby pins and a flower halo on the way as soon as I order it. I think this is such a flirty and feminine trend and there is something that works for everyone. Here are some of my favorite floral hair accessories right now that you can get for yourself. And no, I am not promoting anyone, I'm just obsessed. 
Urban Outfitters Flower Crown Headwrap (link); That Madonna Girl 'The Jena' (link); Three Birds Nest Pink Petal Flower Fascinator Band (link); That Madonna Girl 'The Nina' (link); Urban Outfitters Oversized Ombre Flower Crown Headwrap (link)
So what are your favorite summer beauty trends? Will you be using any of these this summer?

Thank you for your post Christine! Make sure to stop by her blog to say hi :)
And because Christine is awesome she is giving away an 'In-post ad space' so go on and enter! GOOD LUCK.

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  1. My favourite summer trend, like Christine, would definitely be the whole flowers in your hair trend (: It's so bohemian yet fun which is perfect for summer! I'm looking to make one for myself! (:

  2. Being that I'm not all that trendy or fashion forward my favorite is pretty tame. I love all the funky nail polish colors, so bright and vivid, and the nail stickers.

  3. My favorite simmer trend is my Bandana scarf...I can use it how I want and it is always very"tendance"...
    Thank you for the giveaway!
    P.S:is it international?

  4. Haha I'm not sure its a trend, but I love my summer flip flops!