Sunday, June 16, 2013

Two [VERY] Special People

Today's Sunday Social will be postponed until tomorrow because today I am celebrating the two MOST important people in my life. My Mother and my Father. The people who gave me life, who taught me good values and who have given me unconditional love.

Para mi Mami:

No solo eres mi Madre, pero tambien mi mejor amiga, mi companera y mi inspiracion. Te agradesco por todo lo que has hecho por mi, nunca te lo voy a poder termindar de agradecer. Eres la persona mas bella, mas generosa y mas buena que eh tenido el privilegio de conocer. Quiero que sepas que eres la mejor madre del mundo, por darme todo lo que tu no tuviste. Gracias por tus sacrificios y gracias por tu amor.

Te amo, hoy y siempre.

I cannot express enough how much I love my mother, she is my best friend and my source of love. I feel blessed to have her as a Mother and as a role model. She is my inspiration. ♥


Today I am also celebrating my wonderful father

To the best dad in the world:

life is full of wonders, and people say things happen for a reason. The reason my mom got that job at El Amex was so she could meet you, and we could become part of your life. And you are the reason why I'm working hard and studying hard, so I can make you proud. Thank you for everything that you have done for me, thank you for your love and patience. Thank you for your advice but most importantly thank you for being the best father a girl could ever have. 

I am such a lucky girl for having not one but TWO incredible parents. I really am blessed.

Hope all the fathers in your family had a great day!

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