Thursday, December 6, 2012

A walk down memory lane

When I moved out I brought the essentials with me, bed, bookcase, books, clothes, shoes, etc. Asking my Mom for my baby pictures never crossed my mind, I mean that's something that I may ask for when I have my own home or when I have kids.

The reason I am bringing this up is because there have been a couple of Sunday Social posts where the questions suggest to include pictures of my past and I don't really have that many :( So when I went to visit my Grandma I "snagged" a couple of pictures just to show you guys how freaking adorable I was! lol

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I was 3 here, and was my Grandma's "little helper" whenever she cooked. I was helping her make flour tortillas.

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Look at that! I was a pro! lol

I think I am telling a story of a time we went to visit my Great Grandma and how she started saying "here comes the Queen" whenever I went to visit her. 

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My mom says that this Minnie dress was my favorite, and that I wanted to wear it over and over again. I mean how could I not like it? It was so cute and it even had a matching 'scrunchie' that my Grandma still has :)

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This one right here is a picture (of a picture) when I graduated from Kindergarten. And yes we actually had a ceremony, a dance and we even got our "diplomas" And once again my Grandma has managed to preserve another hair accessory of mine, this time my headband.

So those are all the pics I am going to show you this time, I don't want your computer to experience a "cute overload" haha okay I will stop with the conceited comments! 

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  1. So cute ~ We had diplomas too when we graduated from kindergarten. were a cutie pie :)
    Glad you got some pics!


  2. my son got a diploma when he graduated Kindergarten it was fun

  3. Our diploma was just a blank piece of paper wrapped in a blue ribbon haha.