Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Snow in November

I live in the south of Texas, in the freaking desert. So you can only imagine how people get when it rains or even when it snows.. they go into PANIC mode. People turn into HORRIBLE drivers which means getting on the road that much scarier. So on Sunday morning when I woke up I was not a happy camper when I found out it had snowed during the night. Not because I hate snow, (I LOVE it) but because I had to go to work and I wouldn't have a chance to enjoy the snow. So because my parents taught me good work ethics I didn't call it.

 I was supposed to be in at work at 9 but I wanted to get there at 8 to help my manager with the new floor set, so I set my alarm for 5:30 to be on the road a little before 7 and be there at 8. My commute is usually a 30 minute drive but I wanted to take my time, and be safe than sorry. But I suppose you can say that I hit the snooze button one too many times so I called her to let her know that I was going in at my normal time. So I left my house at 8:10 to be at work at 9. My boss had checked the roads for me and said that the only part of the highway that was classified as "dangerous" was way past my exit so I was good to go. So of course I was not worried at all, but little did I know that the highway got closed at the last minute so I had to go the back way. So instead of taking me an hour max to get to work it took me TWO freaking hours!!

I was stuck in front of these cows for more than half an hour, I got so bored that I started having a one way conversation with them, I gave them names and life stories. I know it sounds lame but it helped pass the time. Plus I was listening to my Justin Timberlake station on Pandora. So I may or may not have sang some Justin and N'sync songs to those poor cows (okay I totally did, and I am pretending they enjoyed the free concert.)

So after all that hussle I got to work to an even bigger one. Floor sets are no joking manner (if you have worked in retail then you know my pain, if you never have then consider yourself lucky) This is one of the things what I had to deal with:

 photo F95DF279-F33C-4B00-9A3E-2A9094C09C9B_zpsdmiu5279.jpg
Yup. That's my manager alright.

You can't really appreciate this MASSIVE mountain of clothes in this picture but trust me, when I say that they were A LOT of clothes from mannequins that we had to undress and dress up again with the new collection. Took us about an hour JUST to sensor the clothes and hang them up.  Sunday was NOT a good day to be working, we had a lot to do BUT to be honest I kinda love days like these, I rather have a million and one things to do rather than not have anything to do at all. Plus thanks to the holidays being so close we were super busy with customers. So you can say that I had a hectic day. 

Have you started doing your Holiday shopping?

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