Tuesday, November 5, 2013


In my one of my college life posts, "My College Life 101 part 6"  to be more exact (which you can read about it here) I shared with ya'll that this semester  was going to be my last. But because everything else has been going so great in my personal life -NOT- my college life decided to be a part of it. So after having met with my adviser I will no longer be graduating in December, here is why:

It seems that my staff adviser and  I failed to notice that I still had to take 1 prerequisite (Finance) before I could take this upper Management class. Well he told me to go to the advising center to see what steps I could take so I could graduate in December. So I went to the advising center and talked to an adviser who gave me a 'add/drop' slip and told me that all I had to do was talk to the Management teacher and ask if I could take Finance AND Management concurrently, so I went to the teacher's office, but he wasn't there, so I wrote down his office hours and made sure to go during that time so I could catch him but I went to BOTH of his office days and nothing! So I had to go online and get his email, I told him about my situation and asked him when we could meet so he could sign my slip. Well after a couple of days he answered me back saying that he couldn't do that, that I had to talk to someone else who could give the approval. So I did.

I had to explain my situation again to the Interim Dean, we exchanged a couple of emails back and forth, she asked me why I hadn't taken the class, and so on and so forth. She replied to my emails quickly at first, but then all of a sudden they stopped. I figured it was normal since it was during the summer and she was probably either really busy or out of town, but after almost a month of not hearing back from her I sent her two emails asking her if she needed more info from me and blah blah blah. It took her a couple more weeks to respond to me, and when she finally did I almost wish she hadn't. Her email read: 

"Jessica, I regret to inform you that you cannot take Finance and Management concurrently.. blah blah blah."

That has honestly been the WORST email I have EVER received! So I went back to the advising center last week in the hopes that I was given the wrong information and I could in fact finish college in December. Well, after almost TWO hours of waiting I finally got to see an adviser, and after explaining my situation for a last time she told me that I could appeal to the school in the hopes of taking both classes at the same time, but that could take weeks. At this point I was disappointed/sad/mad/frustrated at myself I honestly just wanted to be done with school already, and was not looking forward to having to take just ONE class that I need next semester and 3 bullshit elective classes (I need 4 to be 'full-time' and be able to pay in-state tuition.)

After what seemed like FOREVER my adviser and I did some brainstorming, I figured since I was already having to take an extra semester I would just pursue a minor in Advertising since I had pretty much taken almost all of the class requirements, but then my adviser noticed that I can actually get TWO minors with the extra semester! So not only will I be getting my bachelor's in Marketing, but I will also be getting a minor in Advertising AND in Management! So somehow things will work out a little bit in my favor!

So I am going to bust my butt and make sure that these in these two last semesters I do AMAZING so I can get my diploma in May of 2014 :)


  1. In may 2014 that is when ill be getting my diploma too !
    congrats in advanced :) hard work does pay off in any situation !
    Jenn xo

  2. Ugh, I swear sometimes advisors make stuff up - but so glad to hear that it will all work out in your favor! Hello an amazing resume with your two minors in addition to your major!

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