Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A round of applause a standing ovation

So I haven't posted anything since Nov. 8th, which was exactly a week ago. I have been a little busy with school and homework and well, pretty much living my life. Which got me to wonder.. how in HELL do other bloggers post like EVERY single day or pretty close to that? Like seriously? I feel very proud of myself if I post 3 times a week, and when I do 4 posts a week I feel like an overachiever! 

But I have seen bloggers post on a daily basis, even when they have a similar lifestyle as mine, or even when they are parents.Which makes the rest of us look bad! So to those of you who manage to post on a daily basis or close to it...


I give you a round of applause, a standing ovation. You truly deserve it for being so awesome and dedicated to your blogs. I truly want to give my blog my 110% but to be honest sometimes whenever I do all my deep thinking (like when I am showering or running at the gym) I come up with so many ideas for my blog and topics that I feel like stopping whatever I am doing and just start writing all these ideas down. But then when it comes down to actually blogging about them I just walk by my computer, look at it and turn the other way.

Sometimes it just feels like a chore, and I don't want it to be like that. Maybe I am just going through a funk, because that is not what I want blogging to be. I want it to be fun, and something I LOVE and WANT to do, not feel like I have to just to stay relevant.

So if any of you have gone through a phase like this I would REALLY appreciate if you could share with me what you did to get out of it. Or if you post on daily basis, how in HECK do you do it?


  1. Babe I think u are just too stress. Maybe you should go for some blogwalking and get inspiration to write and post. As for me, I would be constantly browsing my favourite fashion bloggers blog to get inspiration to dress up and pose for photoshoot, or perhaps do some beauty swap with other beauty bloggers to review on other country's beauty products.. Hope that helps ! :D
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  2. Life get's busy doesn't it? Sometimes you can blog regularly and sometimes you can't. Hope you have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

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