Friday, October 11, 2013

The Farm Life

 photo 42420E03-D754-4176-B838-1F96438645A1-4990-0000041E8D71F07E_zpsd3da3fa8.jpg

My parents own a small farm, which may be a fact that I may or may have not shared before. I'm not sure how big it is, but it's big enough for it to have 4 horses, and countless sheep. My Dad also built a small chapel and a storage, and is planning on building a small house there in the future.

The farm requires A LOT of work, mostly because of the animals who need to be fed and given water twice a day. On top of that the field needs to be watered, but the system that those farms have is just ridiculous, since sometimes it takes my Dad about 6 hours to water it, and he usually gets the water late at night. So he comes home like at 2-3 in the morning sometimes.

But having a farm also has its perks. Such as:

Fresh fruits!

 photo 42b27efd-e524-427f-8a42-7e6b999b6d65_zpsbd510138.jpg

This is actually the first batch of first fruit that the farm has produced! Not brag or anything but they are one of the best watermelons I have ever tasted! So juicy and full of flavor! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water!


In total my parents have 4 horses and I have no idea how many goats! There are so many that I have lost count of them haha

 photo 510d2d7b-616d-4ff8-9238-4eba6f6f8b08_zps162ab0e7.jpg


 photo 8090e824-b7e9-4da4-b7d7-9eee2dd536df_zps7f036e54.jpg


 photo 54AA4D94-BADC-4A5C-B2AD-ED3E4C1B9699-4990-0000041E5EEE59BE_zps4f63ac07.jpg


 photo 59F2D48A-6CC5-444A-9BC6-0A9121B09C47-4990-0000041E54980F45_zps8cd45b27.jpg


 photo 5D7C7FB3-20C1-4D92-BE7A-B0E4FE3F156D-4990-0000041ECA11DE59_zpsa81bbac8.jpg

 photo CB34D546-40B5-4FB0-A1DC-23D08AF4C53D-4990-0000041E4966FCE3_zpsc64a103a.jpg

These are the rest of the animals, but my Dad wants to have more. He wants to have chickens and rabbits and pretty much the whole enchilada.

Gorgeous afternoons!

During the day it is so hot! You sweat more than a sinner in church, and you can get a really bad tan if you don't put sunblock at least every other hour. BUT once the sun starts to go down, and the stars start coming out and it seems like the rest of the world just stops. It is just so relaxing and the sunsets are breath taking.

 photo 1dd15c93-1648-4c09-a414-cff8f9837406_zpsa5e5f100.jpg

it gets so quiet and peaceful. And the sunsets there are just gorgeous. I love having cook outs there, because we get to make s'mores afterwards and just sit around the fire and share some stories. So now that I am back living with my parents I am looking forward to going there more often and riding the horses! (Which I've only done once in MY LIFE!!!) So I am super stoked :D

There is no more perfect song to go with this post than Luke Bryan's "Welcome to the farm" so enjoy :)


  1. My hubby is known as "the farmer without a farm"...(check out my blog posts about rabbit & chickens...and we live IN TOWN!) ( I am jealous...we would LOVE a farm!) Enjoy it! wendy 1stgradefireworks

    1. LOL we actually used to have chickens at our house for a while. My mom didn't like them, so my Dad sold them. Couple of years later he bought the farm!

      Thanks for stopping by :)
      XOXO Jessica

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