Monday, October 28, 2013

Jessica Lately

So it has been been a little bit over two months (almost going on three) since I moved back to my parents house, which to be honest it doesn't seem like it has been that long. But in that time I have managed to get my life back together, there are days that I am still sad and angry about what happened. (If you are lost as to what I am talking about, you might want to play catch up and read this post) But overall I think I am doing pretty well. School is going good with the exception of Finance. That class is giving me issues but I have been studying really hard lately so I can improve my grades.

 Work is going amazing! I recently had my annual review and I met my standards,
 photo null_zpsade4f35a.jpg
 I even got a raise! (Yay me!)

I have also been spending a lot of quality time with my family:

I have been catching up with old friends

and I have also made new ones.
And of course I have been enjoying my free time:

Right now my main focus is me, I am trying to focus on what's to come (life after college) which to be honest is a VERY scary thought. I want to do an internship first, so I can get a taste of the real world and decide what I want to do. With Marketing you can work for pretty much any company and different departments, I still have my eyes on Fashion Marketing but I guess we will see where life takes me.

I also still have my eyes set on Portland, the more I keep on talking about it and the more I keep on hearing wonderful things about it I fall in love with it even more. Sometimes I wish I could just grab my bags and go there once and for all. But I suppose patience is a virtue that I must master and will have to wait. I mean, a year goes by fast.... right?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


  1. I really couldn't imagine moving back home with parents. It's so good to hear that you are getting your life back on track, after reading your earlier post. :)

    Trill xo

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