Friday, September 6, 2013

Obsessed ♥

The titled of this post is pretty much self explanatory, today I will be sharing with my latest obsessions. 

1. Luke Bryan

I feel like I do not need to explain why I am obsessed with him, I mean just look at him!! That smile, that voice!  I found this tweet on my time line and I could not honestly agree more! ;)

 photo DF6BDAA1-F79E-41EB-AC80-5761ED851E55-5143-000003A01F472B9D_zps2e4882e7.jpg

2. My nails

 photo 87fa2307-2fa4-4255-bdf6-a94244436865_zps971f0870.jpg

I got my nails done for Eiden's baptism (which you can read about here)

 photo 9478B23A-99BB-435F-B655-E1613152D907-5025-00000421D1D354F0_zps8d42dbb1.jpg

The minute I saw them I fell in love with them, I am OBSESSED with skeleton keys so these were perfect! besides I have never anyone with nails like these so that was a plus too!

3. Florence and the machine


First of all I LOVE her hair, which I could pull of that hair color and second of all I LOVE her voice. I think it's so unique and beautiful. I currently have this song and repeat and I still cannot get enough of it:

4. Cheetah print

Well I am OBSESSED with my cheetah scarf from Maurices to be more presice (which you can buy here) I think that cheetah print has been over done BUT it can still look nice, classy and fresh if done in the right way like Lauren Conrad does it here:

5. My school bag

Which I also bought from Maurices (and you can get here) of course mine is the brown one 

I actually had to ask my coworkers to see which one was cuter and we all agreed that the brown one was better. !

What are YOU currently obsessing about?


  1. Luke Bryan- swoon! And those nails are impressive. Mine are always so plain.

    1. Right?!? He is just a country hottie ;)

      I had to get them done of course because I could NEVER do them like that on my own =/

      XOXO Jessica