Friday, March 8, 2013

Women who inspire me...

First of all Happy Women's Day!

Today is a day where we show appreciation and love towards women. On today's post I want to recognize the women who have inspired me to become the women I am today.

First one: Lauren Conrad

Her style is impeccable,. She can go from wearing shorts and a tank top to wearing a gown and still manage to look herself and look beautiful. I look up to her to find some style inspiration. I have learned a lot from her, not only in fashion but also in decorating! I love her website Lauren Conrad I have it bookmarked and read it on a daily basis!!

I also love the fact that she is so down to earth, and not your typical reality TV star.

Then we have: Marilyn Monroe

She has given me confidence. She was a movie star and was not afraid to speak her mind, she was in the eyes of the public and refused to let anyone bring her down. 

She also had some meat in her bones, which has helped me realize that I do not need to be a size 0 to look beautiful. She also has some great quotes!

There is also: Carrie Bradshaw

I know she is a fictional character but man, you just gotta love her and her hopes for finding true love. Even heartbreak after heartbreak she still knew what she wanted and didn't give up until she was with the one for her. She makes me hopeful that one day I too, will find the one for me.

And of course there is my mother:

 photo 4cdb8e38.jpg

The most important person in my life. My hero and my role model. I have talked a lot about my mother and how much she means to me so I won't get all mushy again. But I love her with all my heart and she is the smartest, kindest woman I know.

 photo a949d2ac.jpg

Who are the women who inspire you?


  1. I love Lauren Conrad! You're right, her style is AWESOME and I think she has really good ethics too!


  2. Lauren Conrad is great! Are you watching Smash on NBC it's about putting on a broadway show about Marilyn

  3. Great choices. I love that you included Carrie Bradshaw...she's an amazing women even if she is an HBO character.

    Out of curiosity, are you watching The Carrie Diaries on the CW about her as a teenager?