Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Social #33

Hope you all have a wonderful day with friends and family! This is the first Easter I will not be spending it with my family, I am a little sad but I guess that is part of growing up. So instead I will be spending it with my boyfriend, we are gonna have our own Easter hunt :)

Anyways on to today's Sunday Social! Today's post is all about random questions. Enjoy

What is your favorite type of workout to do?


Yoga!!! believe it or not yoga gives you a good work out, I do these poses pretty much every class. They look easy but trust me they are not! Aside from  giving you a good work out it also helps you become stronger by using your OWN body, and of course it helps your flexibility.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure candy or sweet?


This would be my PERFECT guilty pleasure! It's an ice cream sandwich cake with M&M's!!
 What is one thing you continuously forget to do?

One thing? Let's just change that to A LOT! I am constantly forgetting things :( My boyfriend gives me a hard time because of it. What a jerk!

Do you prefer post-its or phone reminders? Why?

I use post-its at work and my phone for pretty much everything else, I tend to lose things so I know I would lose the post-its, that is why I put it on my phone because I would never lose that thing. I can honestly say that I would be lost without it.

What is your favorite picture currently on your phone that always makes you smile?

I actually have 3. These two kids make the funniest faces! I heart these kiddos :]

 photo 47810F69-DF99-42FC-8659-FBACEF2576A8-5586-000005A4CA03691D_zpsc4b23b72.jpg

 photo 7C6F264C-080E-49D5-8608-B3CB605A9629-5586-000005A412DB1E8C_zpsb015d9a1.jpg

 photo 1472570D-B562-4945-B32A-DD316168CC2D-5586-000005A3D7DA79A5_zps1af5b90c.jpg


  1. I think people who underestimate yoga have never actually TRIED yoga. That shit takes strength and stamina! That's (in part) why it's so relaxing.

  2. Hi! You've got a great blog here and I'm your follower. I'd love it so much if you could follow me back :) it'd be great to keep in touch!