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Happy Wednesday to my lovely readers! Today I am introducing you to Chris, she blogs over at A Kitchen Hoor where she shares some VERY delicious recipes! She  was on was on Emeril Live! So you know she means business :)

Tell me a little bit about yourself

Let’s see.  I just turned 40 in January.  I was born in Kentucky, but we moved to Virginia when Dad got a job with the USDA.  My parents are divorced and remarried.  I’m divorced and engaged to remarry to a WONDERFUL man whom I call S.  LOL  We met online playing Yahoo poker.  He lived in Cleveland when I met him.  After my separation, I had a series of pre-requisites and he matched ALL of them.  LOL  We have been together almost 6 years and have one fur-baby named Missy.  I say she looks like Donkey in Shrek, but S hates that.  LOL 

Um…Ever since I can remember I’ve been in the kitchen.  My mother and maternal grandmother taught me to bake.  Both Mom and Dad taught me to cook.  When my sister and I were tall enough, we were cooking dinners.  We were responsible for putting dinner on the table when we were in our teens.  I know I probably whined about it at the time, but I look back on that time fondly.

What/who inspired you to start blogging?  I don’t know why I started to blog.  It was so long ago…and my memory is crap.  I DO know that I have recently stepped up my blogging to make me be more creative in the kitchen.  I had one outstanding recipe eons ago, so I know I can be creative.

Where can we find you?

What kind of posts can we find on your blog?

Well, the older posts are recipe reviews.  It used to be called FFG’s Recipe Reviews, but I got inspired by watching Master Chef and decided to try to create.  So, now they’re my creations for the most part.  I’ve also blogged about my food tour of Bogota but that was only cause I couldn’t cook while I was there.  So, there’s a few restaurant reviews in there, too.  BUT it’s all about food!

What are you loving at the moment?

I Think that would have to be my rice cooker and home made granola bars.  OH and Jif honey peanut butter.  It’s crack.

Do you have anything special going on with your blog?

Not at the moment, I have a day job and it’s been kicking my you-know-what lately.  I’m hoping to get my sponsor page up for some swaps which will hopefully draw more attention so I can be a more profitable blogger.

What were your top 3 posts of 2012? 

Feb 27, 2013, 5 comments
Feb 2, 2013, 14 comments
Jan 30, 2013, 5 comments

And finally, what advice would you give other bloggers?

Oh…not so sure I’m in the place to give advice.  (Yes, I am WAY modest.)  I am trying to stay up on the trends and make sure mine is out there for the world to see.  I have been seeing increased traffic with the link parties and blog hops.  Also trying to make some blog friends. 

OH PHOTOS!  They are key!  A good photo can make or break a blog post or recipe for that matter.  You don’t have to have top of the art equipment.  Sometimes, a white trash bag can make an excellent light box for your food.  Learned that trick from my nature photography               class. 


So that's Chris for you all! Go and visit her blog and let her know I sent you!

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