Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Social #26`

Before we get to today's Sunday Social I would like to say that I am sorry things have been quite around the blog, this whole week was just B-A-N-A-N-A-S ! Yesterday I finished a 40+ hour work week, plus I had school work on top of that. I am amazed I actually had the time to visit my mother after her leg surgery on Wednesday.

Just keep in mind that I am not complaining, I feel blessed that I have a job (that I  ABSOLUTELY love) AND that I am going to school (and that this is my last year of college) I am just  letting you all know that sometimes (even tho I REALLY do not want to) I will get too busy to blog. I hope that you will understand and not get mad, I have a life too you know.
So please don't go anywhere because I am not. I am not going to stop blogging for good, (EVER!!) 

Okay,enough of that... let's get our Sunday Social on!

What was your first car?

I still have my first car, it's a 2009 Blue Honda Civic Sedan. It was my sister's for a year and then was passed down to me when my sister moved away to Oakland, California. 

And I actually named my car Jewel after Jewel from Rio. :)
 Who was your favorite childhood teacher?

I've had a lot of good teachers, here are my 5 favorite teachers of all time!

Idalia- 1st & 2nd grade
Patty-4th grade
Esparza-  7th grade math teacher
Miss Mena- 10th & 11th grade history teacher 

Were you involved in any sports/extracurricular activities? 

I played soccer outside of school, wish I could share pictures with you but  I don't think I have any :(

 What was your favorite birthday party?

I had to call my Mom and ask her which birthday party she thought was my favorite,  and according to her it was my 4th birthday. She says that I really loved it because ALL of my cousins were there and also because it was 'Barney' themed, you remember Barney? Big purple dinosaur who made kids use  their imagination & have fun OUTSIDE without using technology. Those were the good old days. 

And speaking of birthdays.....

Who was your teen celebrity crush?


Jesse McCartney, he was such a cutie!
 What show/movie did your parents not allow you to watch?

I thought they were cartoons, but my Mom told me that they were for adults and I was not allowed to watch it because they said bad words and they were a bad influence.

And now that I can watch them I've been a couple of episodes and the movie. Not a big fan, I rather watch is Family guy.

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  1. It blows that life gets in the way of our blogging sometimes doesn't it? :) I came by via the blog hop and now follow on GFC, hope you can check out my blog too hon.
    Angela x