Saturday, January 5, 2013

Glamour, Glitz & Gloss [Glossy Box]


I started to look out for the "perfect" monthly box back in July, I tried out Julep maven (which you can read about here) I loved the nail polishes but I thought it was a little bit pricey for only 2 nail polishes and one beauty product (the monthly box was $19.99) so I just kept on doing some research and reading reviews to see which one would be more my style, both in prize and product.

Then I came across Glossybox,  I had read  A LOT of good reviews about this box service so I decided to give it a shot. If you are not familiar with this company here is how it works.

From their website:


What? 5 exciting travel-sized beauty products delivered each month.
Each month we curate a box of 5 luxury travel-sized beauty products for you to lather, blend, soak, spray, buff, and groom. Indulge and experience luxury at its finest.



Join GLOSSYBOX, choose your subscription plan, and create your beauty profile.Once you've confirmed your membership, select your subscription plan and then create a bespoke beauty profile to start receiving your personalized beauty samples.



Because women in more than 15 other countries already do.

Our GLOSSYBOX customers know what they want. And we listen. Providing the highest-quality experience with a focus on customer care is at the heart of our mission.

During black Friday week I received an email from GlossyBox. They were offering their December box for only $13.. I actually received my box on December 22, just in time for the Holidays!

 Here is my box:

"This Luxurious varied collecton of favorites is your secret arsenal to keeping it glamorous, glitzy and glossy this holiday party season:

With each box, glossy box includes an issue of their "magazine" which includes a couple of tips on applying make up and it shows you the latest trends.

Lipclick Luxe lipstick in m.powerment petal
($12/.106 Oz)

"This limited edition creamy rose lipstick not only is luminous and hydrating but was developed to raise awareness for powerful women's cause. Apply close, then "click" with the magnetic metallic pink case that "clicks" every time you use it.

My opinion: this rose color is almost the same shade as my lips, so I wear it when I want to " accomplish the natural look." It defiantly hydrates my lips and it gives them some shine.
Madurai jasmine & Magra bath &Shower Oil
($22/6.8 Oz)

"This after bath and shower moisturizer is a seductive blend of essential and all-natural oils formulated to leave your skin  smooth, with a subtle, seductive scent. Apply this oil when wet to seal in moisture"

My opinion: I love the smell and it feels great on my skin! 
Eau de toilette. Pleats Please by Issey Miyake
($92/3.4 oz)

"A fashion forward fragance inspired by world renowned designer Issey Miyake's iconic Pleats Please ready-to-wear line. Enjoy the effervescent, sensual and addictive notes which embody the essence of joy, femininity and elegance"

My opinion: I completely LOVE this perfume, it smells AMAZING! I would love to actually buy it if it wasn't so expensive :(
Nail lacquers- Zoya
($8/ .5 Oz)

"These uniquely ornate nail lacquers will transform your nails into jewel. The long-wearing and toxin-free formula will keep your nails sparkling all season, and looking they glossy-best"

My opinion: It applies very smoothly and it does not take long to dry, I painted my nails on Christmas Eve and just this morning I noticed it was starting to come off. I find this to be extremely amazing, since I work in retail nail polishes only last me a max. of 4 days before I need to  re apply another coat. 
Bath salts- heartland Fragance Co
($10/ 30 oz)

" Indulge in healing aromatherapy with this 100% pure Epsom bath salts. Treat yourself to a full body boost with these herb-infused accents in your bathing routine. Use weekly to dramatically reduce tension and refresh your skin:

My opinion: Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to try this product, but it sure smells good! I can't wait to try it out!
Wella-Velvet Amplifier
($16/1.9 oz)

"Prepare your hair for virtually any look with this velvety soft styling primer. This concentrated serum improves manageability and amplifies control for smooth, responsive styling"

My opinion: Since my hair is long this little package did not do much for my hair so I could not tell the difference. :(
(various styles/$29.99)

"Inspired by the runway, vintage jewelry and on-trend celebrity style, JewelMint.Com offers  a versatile collection each month and recommends pieces that much your personal style

My opinion: I know that glossy-box sent out different types of jewelry so I am sure there were a lot of hits and misses. But mine was definitely a hit! This "silver/gold" necklace is perfect to dress up any outfit, it is meant to be worn as a short necklace but it gives it a little edge if you wear it long (without clasping it)

overall I was impressed with Glossy Box, I loved all the products I received and I just might become a regular subscriber!

Have you tried Glossybox? If not you can sign up here


  1. Your glossy box sounds WAY better than my Birchbox, I might have to try it out!

    Sparkles and Shoes

    1. I heard a lot of bad reviews from Brichbox so I will be staying away from it! Yes you should I really LOVED mine :)

      Xoxo Jessica

  2. WOW!!! Looks like a good box!! I'm so back and forth on these - I did Birchbox for 6 months and was really disappointed! I just subscribed to "IPSY" - it's only $10 a month, I've gotten one so far and ABSOLUTELY LOVED it! So, I think that might be my winner! If you keep getting the Glossy Box, please keep posting!!

    1. I heard that "IPSY" is REALLY good so I might want to try that one :)

      Of course I will keep on posting!

      Xoxo Jessica

  3. I'm debating over joining Glossybox, would you recommend?

    Helen XX

    1. Absolutely! You can do what I did and sign up to their news letter and wait to get yours when they are having a sale!

      Xoxo Jessica

  4. hmmm I may have to take the leap and start my glossy box subscription looks fab!

    xo Shane

    1. It is! You can keep on doing research and read some other reviews to know what other products they send!

      Xoxo Jessica