Monday, October 15, 2012

The Queen B

If you have been keeping up with my blog then you know that last week I said I would do a weekly Gossip Girl post (if you didn't read it just click here and it will take you right to it.) This week's post is about Blair Waldorf, the Queen Bee, AND my favorite character from both the series and the books. 

Meet Blair:

"Blair Cornelia Waldorf is a main character of the TV series Gossip Girl and the book series of the same name.  (The role is portrayed by Leighton Meester in the television series.) Born to New York's elite, Blair is the Queen Bee of Manhattan's social scene. As a result, Blair's actions and relations are under constant scrutiny from the mysterious Gossip Girl, a popular and almost omniscient blogger. Despite her status, Blair becomes dedicated to earning her academic achievements through hard work and occasionally connections, often proving that she can build a future without turning to her resources for assistance.."- via  

Blair's style:

No one can rock a headband like Blair Waldorf. She made headbands cool.

Her style is elegant and sophisticated. Wouldn't expect anything less from her. 

She even looks so stylish in the winter. Which is something I need to work on 

My favorite Blair Quotes:

"Here's my advice. Have a little faith, and if that doesn't work, have a lot of mimosas." -via

"Damn that mother Chucker!"-via

"I'm not a stop along the way. I'm a destination."- via

"Whoever said that money doesn't buy happiness didn't know where to shop. "-via

PS. Just in case for those who were wondering (GG fans) I am Team Chuck & Blair