Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Social #9

This week's Sunday Social is about books! yay!  And as usual  I am linking up with Ashley from Ashley's Carnival Ride and Neely from A Complete Waste of Make Up for today's Social Sunday. 
1. Favorite childhood book

I think that the Ramona books were the first series of books that I ever read. As soon as I finished one I would beg my mother to take me to the library so I could go and get the next one :)

2 . Favorite Book lately

I actually just finished reading this book a couple of days ago and I really liked it! 

3. Book you wish you could live in

I would love to live in the Harry Potter world and go to Hogwarts. Yeah I'm sure this sounds nerdy but I don't care! I wish Hogwarts was real.

4. If you could be any character from a book who would it be and why?

Of course it would be Hermione, she is brave, loyal, and smart. She has amazing friends who would do anything for her and she has an interesting life. 

5. Favorite Book turned Movie?

Yes, I am sure you saw this one coming.  I am somewhat of a Harry Potter fan if you couldn't tell.

And of course the notebook, I LOVE this movie. PLUS Ryan Goslin was just so dreamy
"If you are a bird, I am a bird"
6. Favorite Magazines
Cosmopolitan &

Seventeen Magazine

I am a book worm, I love reading. Big sunglasses, my phone and a book are a must! I cannot wait to pick up a new book and start losing myself in it.


  1. So with you on the best book to movie being Harry Potter!

    Found you threw the Monday Blues hop :)

    Beauty Flawed

  2. Oh Ramona I loved reading these!!

    I'm such a Harry Potter nerd!! Love it!