Friday, August 24, 2012

My College life 101.Part 2

Every year there is a HUGE welcome back celebration at NMSU,which is called  "Aggie Welcome and Orientation. " Each day there are different activities throughout campus and one off campus. This particular event was held this past Tuesday at Target, the event was from 10pm-12:30am. So the fun part about this was that the event was only for  NMSU students, it gave us a chance to do a last minute shopping before school started. PLUS there was a DJ inside the store so that was fun also :)

So while my boyfriend and I were waiting in line for the store to open we were informed by target employees of the safety rules we should follow to make our trip more fun and enjoyable, they also informed us of this giveaway that target was doing. All we had to do was text 'NMSU' to 'Target' and we would be eligible to win some amazing prices that included a year supply of 'Vitamin Water' and some free electronics such as the new I-Pad2. And of course I had to enter! I mean,  I wouldn't mind a free I-Pad :)

Too bad I was not an instant winner, nor was my boyfriend.
It took us maybe 20 minutes after the doors open for us to get inside, Target was letting small groups in at a time, that way no accidents happened. Once we made it to the entrance there were Target employees handing out Vitamin Water to all the students.

I was sooooo thankful for that! I was so thirsty that I finished my water in one big gulp lol And once we were inside there were more employees handing goodie bags! And this is what was inside:

3 mini samples of Neutrogena products.
  Neutrogena: Triple protect face lotion, with SPF 20

"Directions: Apply liberally to entire face and neck after shaving or when skin needs moisture"  
Neutrogena: oil-free moisture, with SPF 15

"Directions: Apply on face and neck"
Neutrogena: Foaming scrubs.

"Directions: Squeeze scrub into wet hands. Rub hands together. Add more water and rub hands to work into foamy lather. Apply to face and massage gently, avoiding contact with delicate eye area. Rinse thoroughly. Use daily."

I have never tried any of these products. So  I'm gonna use the samples and see what I think!

There was also a small booklet full of coupons.

Purell: Spongebob Splash

Now this is an item that everyone must carry with them! 

And finally the goodie bag had this Emergen-C packet, which is a system support with vitamin D, and the flavor I got was citrus. I've had Emergen-C before and same flavor too, I liked it so I'm happy about this one!

And then in different locations Target employees where given out some more goodies,  so I got free gum and some breakfast biscuits. :)

So overall these are all the free items I got during the shopping trip. Plus the ones we actually bought. Which I will show you later on in another post! :)


  1. Ooh I LOVE free stuff, I would've been having a hayday in there haha. I am wondering if sponsors are allowed to enter the giveaway as well (just obvs not win my own item)?

  2. OMG that sounds amazing when we went back to school! they would just hand us flyers for nigh club events! :-)