Saturday, August 31, 2013

Party of two

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I have been blessed to have two best friends who have been there for me, through the good, the bad and the ugly. Of course each in their own different way but there for me nonetheless.I feel lucky to have them  in my life, and I honestly wouldn't trade them for anything or anyone. 

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I find it to be a blessing and a curse for  both of them to have the same birthday (they are one year apart) a blessing because it means I only have to memorize one date and a curse because there is not enough time to spend with both of them. And although I already gave them their presents I would also like to include the following letters as part of their gift:

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Dear Amanda:

I have known you for around 8 years and although we have never seen each other every single day, the times that we do see each other are full of happiness, silliness, and craziness. We are alike in sooo many ways and also we are sooo different from each other. But that is one of the many things I love about us,  among the fact that we have never been jealous of each other, or gotten in a fight. Yeah sure we have our disagreements on plenty of topics but none of those disagreements have come in between our friendship.  This may sound weird (given the fact that I am 22) but somehow you keep me young, you take me back to those days when we didn't have a worry about the world. I hope that feeling NEVER goes away, even when we are old ladies :) 

So thank you, for letting the kid in me run wild and free.

I love you.

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Dear John:

You are one of a kind, I will start with that. Our friendship has grown alongside of us, I do not think that we were ever meant to be friends but somehow we have managed to make it work. I have known you for  almost 5 years and I cannot remember how my life was without you, I hope that my life doesnt go back to that and I hope we will be in each other's lives forever. You have been there to pick up the pieces after each heartbreak and disappointment, and you have no idea how much your friendship has helped me get through those bad times. You have been my rock, sounds cliche I know but it is true. You have given me plenty of headaches, but you have also given me plenty of days full of happiness and laughter.  I

So thank you, for being my side even when I did not deserve it.

I love you.

And happy birthday to both of you! I wish you both the best that this world can offer. May all your wishes come true.

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