Saturday, September 15, 2012

Questions from another post

As I was reading through the different blogs that I follow I came across this particular post by Miss Ali from All things Pink & Sparkly  she did a post on 'boyfriend Q & A' that she found on Google. After reading the questions I wondered how my boyfriend would do, and so here I am testing my boyfriend to see how much he knows me!

She's sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?

boyfriend :some reality show 
me: Correct! I gotta Keep Up with my Kardashians :)
You're out to eat, what kind of dressing does she get on her Salad?

boyfriend: Ranch
me:  Pretty much!

What is one food that she does not like?

boyfriend: Pork
me: Except for bacon!  I looooove bacon :)

You go out to eat and have a drink, what does she order?

boyfriend: Lemonade
me: Correct! I try to stay away from sodas. 

What size shoe does she wear?

boyfriend: I have no idea
me: I knew he wouldn't get this one, I wear a size 7 btw.

If she was collecting anything, what would it be?

boyfriend: Ummmmm, Shoes
me: and purses, and jewelry, and clothes, and nail polish, and make up lol

What is her favorite type of sandwich?

boyfriend: Turkey 
me: if they are homemade yes, if they are from subway then chicken!

What would she eat everyday if she could?

boyfriend: I don't know
me: shame on him for not knowing! The correct answer is chicken tacos,  they are so yummy! 

What is her favorite cereal?

boyfriend: Frosted Flakes or Cheerios
me: no the frosted flakes, and yes to the cheerios, I also like lucky charms (:

What's her favorite music?

boyfriend: R&B, anything with a beat that she can dance to
me: pretty much!

What is her favorite sports team?

boyfriend: Packers
me: why yes I am a cheese head, but he also forgot to mention about my Spurs!

What is her eye color?

boyfriend: Brown
me: dark brown to be exact!

Who is her best friend?

boyfriend: Amanda
me: AND my momma (:

What is something you do that she wishes you wouldn't?

 boyfriend: *sarcastic voice* Ummmm I don't know...
me: the day that he stops leaving his dirty clothes all over the place, that's the day I will be the happiest girl alive. 

What is her heritage/where she is from?

boyfriend: Mexico
me: Si :)

You bake her a cake for her birthday, what kind of cake is it?

boyfriend: Chocoalte
me: although I would NOT mind double chocolate ;)

Did she play any sports?

boyfriend: Soccer
me: yup! I've played it ever since I was a little girl :)

What could she spend hours doing?

boyfriend: Shopping
me: if only I had the money I would!

What is one unique talent she has?

boyfriend: ...................
me: yeah, we both don't have an answer for this one. Guess I am not as special as I thought :(

My boyfriend and I had so much fun with these questions, or at least I hope he did! I suggest you try these questions with your significant other, and if you do let me know so I can check them out :)

By the way, I think that overall my boyfriend did good! He won't be sleeping on the couch haha.


  1. This is too adorable!! He just answered them so easily for you? or did you have to beg him? lmbo. His answers were good though! Too cute!!!

    I totally stole this, btw! I was able to convince Jason to answer the questions, because I told him that Edward did it for you! haha.

    Either way; I love this post! :)

    xoxo, Nykki

  2. Your boyfriend did better than mine HAHA! Glad you did this, loved reading it!:) Happy Sunday!