Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Simply the best!

There is a "new-ish" store in my town, (it opened late March) and let me tell you, it's AMAZING! 
So the store I am talking about is Maurices, it's a small town specialty store. Which means that it won't be in big cities like Phoenix or Los Angeles, but it will be in the suburbs around those cities. To find a Maurices near you just click here!

Okay so let me get to the good part and let me tell you why I LOVE this store:

Reason number 1:
  • This store has some INCREDIBLE sales! For example this week they  have a sale on their denim. You get $5 off your purchase just by TRYING on their denim. That's right just trying! I think that is pretty awesome! But if you tried them and loved them then you get $10 off for every pair that you buy! Which is even better :) Maurices also has clearance on their website for 75% off! Yup, you read right 75% off! Which takes me to...
Reason number 2:
  • When you order items from online you have 2 delivery options , you can either deliver your items to your front steps or to the nearest Maurices near you. Ok so you might be asking yourself why deliver it to the store instead of to my house? Well I asked myself the same questions and here are the reasons why you SHOULD send it to the store (if there is one close to you of course) By sending it to the store you save a couple of bucks on shipping AND you can just try the clothes at the store and in case something doesn't fit just return it right then and there!
Reason number 3:
  • The staff is VERY friendly and helpful! I've been to so many stores and there is probably only a handful that have given me great customer service and Maurices is one of them! I like going to a store where I feel comfortable and I know that if I have a question there will be someone to answer my question. Not going to a store where the staff just follows me around like I am going to steal something!! Ugh I really do not like to use the word hate because it's such a strong word but I HATE those stores, they make me feel so uncomfortable!
Reason number 4: 
  • On top of having a beautiful store, they have beautiful fitting rooms!
picture from:
AND the staff writes your name on the small board that's hanging on the door. So instead of not knowing who is trying on clothes they know exactly who you are! Which makes it more personal because they know who I am and what I am looking for and what size I wear. Which makes me feel like I am being given the VIP treatment :)

Reason number 5: Just by "liking" their Facebook page you could be eligible to win a A YEAR'S WORTH OF DENIM!!!!
So just click on the picture ^ to go directly to their facebook page.Good luck to all of you who are entering this sweet sweepstake! And lastly...

Reason number 6:
  • Maurices just joined the blogging community! Their blog "Happily Obsessed" is written by Erin!  Add her on twitter by clicking here and tell her that Jessica from Girl Booklet sent you her way :) Follow her on twitter to keep up with her blog and the latest Maurices news! Also check out the blog to learn of different ways to keep up with her blog!
Like I said I LOVE this store and I have bought sooo many cute things at such great prizes! Keep up with my blog to see my outfit posts featuring Maurices items!


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