Thursday, July 12, 2012

Meet my sponsor- Sugarlips

I was recently contacted by a member of Sugarlips who encouraged me to apply to their 'blogger partnership program' so I said why not? I mean it doesn't hurt to try, so I did. I had never heard of this brand before so I checked it out, and let me tell you that I fell in love with pretty much everything on their website! Their items are super cute and fashionable! And best of all their items are affordable and they have great sales!

So who is Sugarlips?
From their site:
'Sugarlips Apparel, located in Los Angeles California, was founded by fashion enthusiast Charles Park in 2002. Sugarlips started with just a small line of sweaters and within a few years Sugarlips grew to be the largest manufacturer of seamless apparel in North America. Sugarlips has since then expanded its line and now produces fashionable contemporary clothing at affordable prices, which are available all over the world and carried by most major department stores, including Macys, Nordstrom's Dillard's, and many more.
Sugarlips has grown from the largest North American manufacturer of seamless apparel, to the fashion forward contemporary brand you see today. At Sugarlips our goal is to provide quality female fashion at affordable prices.'
Where to find Sugarlips:


What I received:
Time Square Dress
This dress is amazing! It has so many beautiful details:  the dress is mainly yellow but the top has blue and some gray, there is a zipper in the front, it has a cutout in the back and the bottom has that 'high-low'  finish. I am so in love with this dress. When I received it I was jumping up and down with joy. My boyfriend and I went to this beautiful park near us where we had a small "photo shoot". To check out the rest of the pictures simply click here

You can purchase the dress here, Trust me it's worth it. The prize is $32, and  the sizes range from XS-L. Plus Sugarlips offers FREE SHIPPING! AND 365 days returns! If that doesn't convince you to check them out I do not know what will! 

Disclaimer: This dress was given to me by Sugarlips for reviewing purposes. It does not affect in any way my opinions, I am being 100% honest to my readers.


  1. Wow thats a gorgeous dress on you! love the colour :)

  2. love the dress! :) especially the back that's cool. I now must go an check out some of their stuff :)

    1. Yeah the dress is so pretty! yeah you have to check them out! :)