Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Nail polish and a store called Eve's.....

I have always loved painting my nails! It's just one of those things I love doing during my down time, it helps me relax and keeps my mind distracted from all the things I have to do.

I usually try to match my nails according to how I feel that day (To learn what each color represents just click here!)

I love this color! It's so bright and the glitter makes it stand out even more!

I've had this nail polish for a while now. You can find this brand in different stores, I bought it at Walmart!

For a little something something I added a coat of this sparkling nail polish that I bought from Claire's (duh as if you can't see their name on the bottle)

And to make it a little bit different I decided to leave my middle finger without sparkle, thought it looked cool (:

When I did my nails I noticed that some of my nail polishes were old and I had to throw away :( So after work yesterday I walked around the mall in search of some new nail polish. I hit up Eve's store.

 They sell nail polish, make up, earrings, bracelets, rings, and so much more for only $1!!! That's right folks only $1! I've bought different things from this store and I love them all! They have things that are IN right now so it's awesome! Check out their website and look at their products, they are super cute! Don't forget to check out their promotions tab. This store is great for college students who can't afford to buy high end products or want to buy more for less!

I bought 7 nail polishes for only $5! (they were on sale!!) So you can say I am a happy camper. I cannot wait to see what kind of designs I will do with these bad boys! I've been looking at different pictures and I already have a couple of ideas. Comments are always welcome! You can also LIKE me on Facebook  and FOLLOW me on Twitter, and share your thoughts there!

                                                          XoXo, Jessica.Anahi<3


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    1. I know! I'm gonna post a review and let you all know how it went :) If you have any nail designs you would like to share with me send them my way!


  2. Love your nails!

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)

    1. Thank you :)

      Awesome! I will, thank you :)


  3. I'm totally loving sparkly nail polishes! Love, VLL XO

  4. Love the glitter!!i love glittery nails too although its such a b**ch to get off lol worth it though right? lol


  5. Such beautiful nails - loving the glitter trend right now.

    Following you :)


  6. Oh a nail polish spending spree is just my idea of heaven!