Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Carnival Adventures!

The Crabtree Amusement Carnival was in town for the past two weeks and we barely had the time to go on its last day in town. And I must say I had a lot of fun! I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico which is a small-ish city so sometimes there isn't much to do other than go to the mall, movies, or go out to eat and have a drink. 
So my boyfriend and I were ecstatic to do something different :)
                                                  (As if you can't tell from the picture!)

While we were waiting in line for the ferris wheel he kept on looking at the other rides, I'm sure he was thinking "I rather be riding other rides than this"  haha He doesn't like carnival rides and only got on them because of me. Isn't he the best?

I think the ferris wheel is sooo romantic tho! I mean  you get to just sit, and relax while enjoying the beautiful view! What else could you want?

The sun was setting when we got to the top and I 
thought the sky looked beautiful, it was different shades of blue, orange and pink, and the mountains looked blue. Of course this picture doesn't compare to the real thing but I thought I would still share it anyways :)

And then we go from romantic to scary! This ride was just crazy! It went from side to side until it gained enough speed to do a 360 and then it would slow down at the top and leave you hanging upside down for a couple of seconds! Nevertheless to say I screamed my lungs out and gained a couple of bruises on my shoulders from the shoulder pads on the  ride :( So I will be staying away from anything sleeveless until they go away, despite this 100+ degree weather. Which sucks but I had a wonderful night with my boyfriend and to me that is all that matters ♥

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  1. This looks like so much fun and totally makes me want to go to the carnival as well!